Our Lifetime Warranty - Protecting Your Investment

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Your Mercedes-Benz is a complicated amalgamation of multiple parts, all working together to create a beautiful whole. Should your vehicle become involved in a collision, those parts need to be repaired or replaced to ensure your Mercedes-Benz is returned to showroom condition.

The repair process, depending on how serious the collision damage, can be lengthy and complicated. Nevertheless, our team of knowledgeable professionals have the tools, training, and equipment necessary to complete the job in the shortest time frame possible. But despite our extensive training, we are still human, and mistakes could happen. That's why every repair we do is covered, free of charge, by our Lifetime Warranty.

What is Covered

As we mentioned before, no matter how careful every repair is done, something could potentially go wrong. That's why we cover every repair we do with our lifetime guarantee, to ensure you're always covered in the event there is an mistake made during the repair process. Should you be unhappy with the quality of the repairs, simply bring your vehicle back to us and our Lifetime Warranty will cover all the costs on the work we've done (including parts and labour), and redo the work we originally did. And just as the name suggests, for as long of you own your vehicle, you are covered by our Lifetime Warranty! So rest assured that we can get the job done right and Book Your Appointment today.

What Isn't Covered


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Our Lifetime Warranty is fairly comprehensive, but there are some items that aren't covered. Before you bring your vehicle in under warranty, please note that it doesn't extend to damage or defects caused by rust, abuse, a subsequent accident, or theft. Items like stone chips, scratches, improper care or maintenance on your part are also not covered, as they are (unfortunately) just a part of life here in Calgary, AB. Rest assured however, that if your repairs don't fall under the exclusions above, we'll be happy to rectify any mistakes made during the repair process free of charge!

Choose MB Autoworks

As Calgary's only Mercedes-Benz approved collision centre, it is our privilege to return machines as gorgeous as a Mercedes-Benz back to their original condition. As such, it is our promise that you'll be fully satisfied with any collision repairs we perform or we'll redo the work at no cost to you! So Book Your Appointment today and experience the MB Autoworks difference.
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