Mercedes-Benz Small Repair


Life for a vehicle as prestigious as a Mercedes-Benz can be difficult in the Calgary area. Between the gravel that chips away at your windshield, the potholes that scratch your wheels, and hail damage that pockmarks your bodywork, keeping your Mercedes-Benz looking its best can be an arduous task. Thankfully, MB Autoworks is here to help keep your Mercedes-Benz looking its best.In addition to our standard Collision Repair, we also offer SmallRepair services which are designed to handle more minor jobs such as windshield repair, wheel refurbishment, and interior repairs. Read on and learn more about how our Small Repair services can help you keep your Mercedes-Benz in showroom condition.

Windshield Repair

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As previously mentioned, your windshield takes a great deal of abuse on Calgary's roads. Between chips, cracks, and pockmarks, over time the view through your windshield can become increasingly distorted. But with a plethora of windshield fitters throughout the city, why choose MB Autoworks? Because not only do we have access to genuine Mercedes-Benz windshields that fit perfectly, but with our connections to genuine Mercedes-Benz dealerships we can ensure that all equipment -- including cameras and monitors -- function perfectly.

Wheel Refurbishment

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Your Mercedes-Benz's wheels were engineered look incredible while taking a great deal of abuse, but time fades all things, and so, too, will your wheel's beauty. Get them looking like new again by bringing them into MB Autoworks. We have access to the necessary contractors who can refurbish your rims and make them look like new again at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Keep in mind, however, that depending on the damage we may not be able to refurbish your wheels.

Interior Repair

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Whether it's a cigarette burn or spilt coffee, if your Mercedes-Benz interior isn't looking its best anymore then bring it to us. Our contractors can easily repair or replace everything from leather seats and interior trim to headliners and floor mats.Contact Us today to learn more about how we can give your Mercedes-Benz its world-class interior back.

Contact MB Autoworks

If your Mercedes-Benz is suffering from curb-rashed wheels, interior blemishes, or windshield chips, then come see us and have the professionals return your Mercedes-Benz back to its original shape. Book an Appointment with us, and before you know it, your vehicle will look and feel like the day it left the factory.
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