Make Your Mercedes-Benz Shine For Life With These Expert Tips




Undoubtedly, one of the major reasons why you purchased your Mercedes-Benz in the first place was its beauty. However, its sleek lines and aggressive bulges wouldn't look half as good with subpar paint. That's why the detailing experts here at MB Autoworks have compiled a list of tips guaranteed to help breathe new life into your old paint. Follow along and learn how our experts help ensure your Mercedes-Benz continues to look like it just left the showroom floor.

Use a Microfiber Towel

When applying products to your vehicle, it's best to use a premium microfiber towel. Not only will this allow you to more accurately clean your Mercedes-Benz, but microfiber towels don't leave streaks or fibers behind like a regular towel might. Just remember to wash and replace the towel regularly, as grit and other detritus can build up in the towel and cause micro-scratches in your paint, which will reduce its luster.

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Use a Clay Bar

A clay bar is an inexpensive yet vital part of any serious detailing procedure, as it will quickly remove any grime and other surface contaminants that reduce your car's shine. Simply run the clay bar up and down you vehicle, switching sides regularly. You'll know when you're done when your paint feels smooth to the touch.

Regularly Wash Your Mercedes-Benz

This is an obvious tip, but one that cannot be overstated. By regularly washing your Mercedes-Benz, you're removing the buildup of dirt, tar, bugs, and other contaminants that slowly eat away at your paint. Also, try to avoid automated car washes, as the rubber wipers they use to clean your vehicle are often contaminated with grit that will put micro-scratches in your paint.

Cover Your Paint

As tempting as it is to leave your Mercedes-Benz outside for all to see, it's better to protect its paint by parking it indoors, or covering it with a car cover. Over time, even the sun can cause your car's paint to fade, so keep it looking beautiful and clear by covering it when not in use!

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Keep Products on Hand

One of the best ways to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz looks its best is by ensuring you have some basic products on hand. Giving your vehicle a quick wipe-down with a waterless wash product after a long drive is a great way to keep it looking its best. Also, keep some bug & tar remover on hand so you can quickly remove such contaminants should you encounter them out on the road.

Regularly Wax Your Vehicle

A wax sealant effectively acts as a buffer layer between the harsh outside world and your pristine paint. That layer deteriorates over time, so it's best to renew it with a fresh coat of wax. Just remember, a little wax goes a long way, so there's no reason to pour it on. Instead, apply a thin layer to the whole vehicle then buff it out. Not only will this technique save you time and money, but prevent you from getting tennis elbow from all that rubbing!

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Trust the Experts

If your Mercedes-Benz paint is in need of some serious care, or you just don't have the time to do it yourself, then you can turn to the experts here at MB Autoworks. We offer professional detailing so your Mercedes-Benz can look like it did the day it left the showroom floor. Book an Appointment with us today to have our team of experts remedy the situation.
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