Steps to Repair a Mercedes-Benz Auto Body

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Mercedes-Benz vehicles are built with exact precision and a technologically advanced design, which why you should only ever repair your vehicle at a Certified Mercedes-Benz Collision Center. An approved Mercedes-Benz Collision Centre is certified by Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. You receive a 2 year Genuine Parts and Labour Warranty, a lifetime paint warranty (for as long as you own the vehicle), and Certified Technicians who only use the most current Mercedes-Benz Tools and Technology. MB Autoworks (formerly Distinctive Auto Works), is Calgary's only Certified Collision Center, and performs each step of the repair process in accordance with the guidelines set by Mercedes-Benz Canada. Read on to learn more about the Mercedes-Benz repair process.

1. Estimate & Approval

The first step to any auto body repair is to assess the extent of the body damage. Smaller damage, such as a minor dent or cracked windshield can quickly be assessed, while significant damage may require a more time. If you have chosen to go through insurance, your insurance company may want to send their own appraiser to assess the damage; but even with their estimate, we work alongside your insurance company to ensure the proper repair of your vehicle has been completed. Though it is your choice once the estimate has been completed on where and when you'd like the repairs, we ask you to remember we are your Certified Collision Centre.

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2. Removal of Components

If you decide to repair your vehicle, we will begin the repair process by disassembling the damaged components. Depending on the collision, more damage may be exposed as the damaged components are disassembled. At this time we do a pre-scan using Mercedes-Benz proprietary XENTRY Diagnostic system on your vehicle, which looks for faults that may be collision related.

3. Repair Structural Damage

If necessary, structural repair will be performed once the damaged exterior is completely removed using state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz technology. MB Autoworks uses Celette Benches with a fixed point measuring and anchoring system to straighten the vehicle's frame. The Celette Bench is the only way to properly restore a Mercedes-Benz vehicle to pre-collision condition.

4. Paint Body Components

Mercedes-Benz builds beautiful vehicles, and beauty shouldn't be sacrificed due to a collision. That's why MB Autoworks uses an ultra-premium, solvent-free, waterborne clear coat paint on any replacement body panels. We colour-match to duplicate the factory finish, so that your Mercedes-Benz looks exactly as it did in the showroom.

5. Apply New Components

Now that your replacement components are painted and finished, we apply them onto your vehicle. Precise craftsmanship in step 3 ensures that replacement parts properly fit back onto the vehicle frame, looking as if the collision never occurred. During this step, we test the repaired components to ensure the vehicle's performance. During this process, we do a post-scan on your vehicle to look for any faults, which again, may be collision related. If there are any faults found at this time, we shall send it to your dealer to have them reset.

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6. Complimentary Clean

No matter how big or small, every vehicle leaving the MB Autoworks shop receives a complimentary clean. Since it is our job to restore the vehicle to like-new condition, we extend our work beyond auto body repair with a polished interior. Upon pickup, you'll be surprised that your Mercedes-Benz was ever in a collision.

From estimation to detailing, MB Autoworks in Calgary follows the auto body repair processes designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Learn more about our services here, and schedule and appointment for your vehicle here.
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